Alex Podger is a creator of visual theatre, site-specific and outdoor performances, and art installations in Europe and Australia. His body of work includes giant exploding sculptures, television commercials, outdoor operas and large-scale spectacle theatre works with puppets, pyrotechnics and orchestras. 


While difficult to define by genre, his work is always centred around a strong sense of community and the creation of a unique shared experience with audiences small and large.


Podger’s work often involves spectacular visuals, light, large puppets, fire and pyrotechnics accompanied by striking music. His projects range from theatre, circus and opera to large scale art installations and mass public rituals. 

Alex is the Artistic Director of Woodford Folk Festival’s flagship Closing Ceremony which is the largest annual outdoor theatre project in Australia. He has created work with internationally celebrated spectacle theatre company Macnas (Ireland), the enigmatic mid-winter festival Dark Mofo (Australia), Hull UK City of Culture with Macnas, Opera Australia, Opera Queensland, Realive Entertainment (China) and The Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 (Australia).

As a designer and prop maker, his TV commercial clients include: 

Nature’s Own, Breville, Instant Scratch It and Specsavers.

In 2020, he has had some success growing potatoes and creating a touring shadow play called 'Anytime The Wind Can Change'.
For more info go to www.thenewshadowcabinet.com





alex.podger [at] gmail [dot] com


Based in London, United Kingdom



Bachelor Film & Screen Media Production

Licensed Fireworks Operator - Close Proximity and Outdoor Fireworks (QLD)

Elevated Work Platforms - Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker

Working at Height

Open Driver Licence (Manual)

First Aid, CPR & Basic Life Support


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