Willow, Ogoh Ogoh Burning

Dark Mofo, Hobart, 2019

Firecracker Willow for the Ogoh Ogoh Burning

Mass Public Ritual

Timber Bonfire Sculpture - a willow tree with 150, 000 firecracker leaves - that became the pyre for the Ogoh Ogoh. The Ogoh Ogoh is a Balinese Hindu ritual in which a demon like creature is filled with fears, paraded through the streets and then burned in an act of purging and cleansing. Firecrackers were the first fireworks invented, and their purpose was to scare away demons. There are no more demons in Tasmania now. 

Dark Mofo '18

Dark Mofo, Hobart, 2018

Fire Installations:
The Winter Fires and, 

The Ogoh Ogoh Burning.

Verdi's Requiem

Bleach Festival 2019


Site Design / Fire + Pyro Design​

​The Gold Coast's spectacular outdoor amphitheatre at HOTA was transformed into a fiery sanctuary for Verdi's iconic work performed by Opera Queensland and Griffith University in collaboration with Bleach Festival. 

12 giant candelabras surrounded the space as 2000 red prayer candles lined the stage. Flames leapt from the wings during the Dies Irae before giving way to pyrotechnic stars in the final refrains of Libera Me. 

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