Bleach Festival

Bleach Festival, Gold Coast, April 2019

Site Design - Bleach at Burleigh


The Gold Coast's first pop up beach bar + lawn bar referenced the colours of the ocean and sunset, with a vague Mediterranean flavour. This bar was a first for the Gold Coast, and stretched out along the sand with deck chairs, day lounges and table service across the site. At sunset, the canopy mirrored the colours of the sky.

Oktoberfest Brisbane

Oktoberfest Brisbane, 2011 - 2015

Australia's largest German festival and faithful to the 200+ years of tradition in Munich. Voted one of the Top 5 Oktoberfests in the world, the design approach was to stay faithful to traditions but to reimagine how they are presented.

Beerhall, bespoke modular timber bier bar counter spanning fifty metres, site design, schnaps bar, wein bar

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