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What We Learned From The Sky


A great comet burns across an empty sky. Down below, Astrid and Naut fall in love across a vast ocean, sending messages to each other with beacons and on the wings of birds. They are from two worlds of stark contrast, a summer seaside town with an ancient beacon, and a winter stronghold lit by stars and fire.


As peace becomes chaos in the wake of the comet, cracks start to appear. Naut and Astrid float closer together as their people drift further apart - but in the darkest hours we might find the best of humanity. 

Images: Steve Swayne

Astrid in the North
Aboriginal Fire Lighting- Rick Roser
An Ocean on Fire
An Ocean on Fire
The South
Sky Jellyfish
Cheeky Seagull
Naut and Astrid Meet
The Comet
The Comet
Linsey Pollack
Astrid Adrift
The North Adrift
The South Welcome the North
The Beacon Is Lit
The Beacon
North and South
The Beacon Burns
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