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Alex Podger is a multi-disciplinary artist creating visual theatre, art installations and site-specific works in Europe and Australia, currently based in London. His body of work includes giant exploding sculptures, television commercials, music videos, outdoor operas and large-scale spectacle theatre works with puppets, pyrotechnics and orchestras.


While difficult to define by genre, his work is always centred around a strong sense of community and the creation of a unique shared experience with audiences small and large, ranging in tone from the profound and cathartic to unabashed absurd joviality. 


Podger’s work tyically involves some combination of spectacular visuals, light, large puppets, folklore, fire and pyrotechnics accompanied by striking music. His projects range from theatre, circus, street theatre, cabaret and opera to large scale art installations, feral parties and mass public rituals.

Alex was the Artistic Director of Woodford Folk Festival’s flagship 'Fire Event'-  the largest annual outdoor theatre project in Australia. He has created work with enigmatic mid-winter festival Dark Mofo (Australia)internationally celebrated spectacle theatre company Macnas (Ireland), Hull UK City of Culture with Macnas, Opera Australia, Opera Queensland, ******* (China) and The Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 (Australia).

He has designed music videos for Darren, Hayes, Kate Miller-Heidke, Cub Sport and Gin Wigmore, and designed and art directed TV commercials for clients including Nature’s Own, Breville, Instant Scratch Itand special effects for clients including Porsche.

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Based in East London, United Kingdom


“I was so moved to see the red light of the little boat carrying his ashes away through the darkness, reflected in the water with the green lights of the harbour markers.

His own crossing of the dark waters."

The GUARDIAN, 2021

Memorial, Dark Mofo 2021

Illuminated Rock

"This year ... the signature opening and closing ​cere​monies really went off, and the final, Brueghel­esque Fire Event in particular was drama­ charged."

The Australian, 2016

woodford closing ceremony

Editorial 3 - Pensil.jpg

"This is oddball slapstick comedy at its best — weird, wonderful, well rehearsed, superbly delivered and completely unpredictable."


the advertiser, 2016

The Gremlins, ADelaide Fringe


"It's ... explosive and beautiful and glorious, and that's what life is."

ABC, 2021

Memorial, Dark Mofo 2021


"There is something going on in almost every corner of the arena – dancing and movement all punctuated with song and fire."


woodford closing ceremony


"Common themes running through Podger's work are a flair for the dramatic, and a strong sense of community involvement..."

THE MERCURY, Tim Martain, 2021

MEMORIAL, Dark mofo 2021

Square Trio.jpg

"The Gremlins is one of those rare shows that simultaneously entertains children and adults in equal measure."


the gremlins, Adelaide Fringe

055 Woodford Fire Event 2016.jpg

"Weaving together the considerations of the festival management, the local fire brigade, his own artistic ideas and processes and the huge expectations of the audience ... Alex came up with such an elegant and powerful solution it brought a standing ovation from the audience."

annie edney, 2020

woodford closing ceremony


Dark Mofo 2018 in Pictures 

The Guardian, 2018

dark mofo fire installations


"...A glorious inferno in the sky..."

The australian, 2021

Memorial, Dark mofo 2021


Remarkable Tales Interview


Woodford closing ceremony


"In both its conception and execution, Little Boxes is an unconventional yet brilliant realisation of the imaginative possibilities of theatre."

Meredith walker, blue curtains 2014

little boxes, anywhere theatre festival

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